Cedarmont Worship for Kids Vol 2


12 of today's best praise and worship songs arranged for children and performed by the Cedarmont Kids. This CD includes lyics and stereo versions for listening. (Split-track versions are also available on a separate CD)

NOTE: You may purchase actual CDs or the complete CD as downloads. Mp3 files are compressed at 256 Kbps for optimal sound quality and convenience. Downloads of the full CD include printable .pdf files of lyrics.

You may also buy single songs as mp3 downloads. These include only the mp3 file for that song, & can be added to your cart by clicking the red button for each song you wish to purchase.

  • [{"title":"01 God Of Wonders","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-01 God Of Wonders.mp3","id":"934"},{"title":"02 Rock Of Ages","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-02 Rock Of Ages.mp3","id":"935"},{"title":"03 It Is You","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-03 It Is You.mp3","id":"936"},{"title":"04 Every Move I Make","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-04 Every Move I Make.mp3","id":"937"},{"title":"05 Victory Chant","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-05 Victory Chant.mp3","id":"938"},{"title":"06 Come, Now Is The Time To Worship","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-06 Come, Now Is The Time To Worship.mp3","id":"939"},{"title":"07 How Great Is Our God","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-07 How Great Is Our God.mp3","id":"940"},{"title":"08 I Will Call Upon The Lord","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-08 I Will Call Upon The Lord.mp3","id":"941"},{"title":"09 You Are My All In All","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-09 You Are My All In All.mp3","id":"942"},{"title":"10 Awesome God","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-10 Awesome God.mp3","id":"943"},{"title":"11 You're Worthy Of My Praise","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-11 You're Worthy Of My Praise.mp3","id":"944"},{"title":"12 Thy Word","mp3":"https:\/\/cedarmont.s3.amazonaws.com\/store\/downloads\/0308-12 Thy Word.mp3","id":"945"}]