Playtime Praise

Recent research indicates that early exposure to instrumental music can help your baby be brighter and happier. With this series, you can stimulate your child’s mind and spirit by introducing them to Christian melodies they will treasure forever. Features 15 lightly orchestrated instrumentals. Music with a message they won't outgrow!


NOTE: You may purchase actual CDs or the complete CD as downloads. Mp3 files are compressed at 256 Kbps for optimal sound quality and convenience. Downloads of the full CD include printable .pdf files of lyrics.

You may also buy single songs as mp3 downloads. These include only the mp3 file for that song, & can be added to your cart by clicking the red button for each song you wish to purchase.

  • [{"title":"01 Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-01 Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart.mp3","id":"174"},{"title":"02 If You're Happy And You Know It","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-02 If You're Happy And You Know It.mp3","id":"175"},{"title":"03 Go Tell It On The Mountain","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-03 Go Tell It On The Mountain.mp3","id":"176"},{"title":"04 I Have The Joy (Down In My Heart)","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-04 I Have The Joy (Down In My Heart).mp3","id":"177"},{"title":"05 I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-05 I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The.mp3","id":"178"},{"title":"06 Silver And Gold Have I None","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-06 Silver And Gold Have I None.mp3","id":"179"},{"title":"07 God Is So Good","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-07 God Is So Good.mp3","id":"180"},{"title":"08 What A Mighty God We Serve","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-08 What A Mighty God We Serve.mp3","id":"181"},{"title":"09 The Birdies In The Treetops","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-09 The Birdies In The Treetops.mp3","id":"182"},{"title":"10 Kum Ba Yah","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-10 Kum Ba Yah.mp3","id":"183"},{"title":"11 My God Is So Big","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-11 My God Is So Big.mp3","id":"184"},{"title":"12 Praise Him, Praise Him","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-12 Praise Him, Praise Him.mp3","id":"185"},{"title":"13 I'm Happy All The Time","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-13 I'm Happy All The Time.mp3","id":"186"},{"title":"14 His Banner Over Me Is Love","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-14 His Banner Over Me Is Love.mp3","id":"187"},{"title":"15 This Is My Commandment","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0082-15 This Is My Commandment.mp3","id":"188"}]