Cantos Americanos

18 classic action songs of America translated into Spanish and performed in a classic kids style. Lyrics and split-track versions are included for singalong, along with basic instructions for the actions. This enhanced CD includes printable activities and coloring pages for your active child!


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  • [{"title":"01 Yankee Doodle","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-01 Yankee Doodle.mp3","id":"863"},{"title":"02 Fue en la Escuela","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-02 Fue en la Escuela.mp3","id":"864"},{"title":"03 Dios Marchando Esta","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-03 Dios Marchando Esta.mp3","id":"865"},{"title":"04 Una Bicicleta Hecha para Dos","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-04 Una Bicicleta Hecha para Dos.mp3","id":"866"},{"title":"05 Oh Bandera de Estrellitas","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-05 Oh Bandera de Estrellitas.mp3","id":"867"},{"title":"06 La Vieja Yegua Gris","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-06 La Vieja Yegua Gris.mp3","id":"868"},{"title":"07 Hay un Hoyo en el Fondo de la Mar","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-07 Hay un Hoyo en el Fondo de la Mar.mp3","id":"869"},{"title":"08 Oh Hermosa America","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-08 Oh Hermosa America.mp3","id":"870"},{"title":"09 Reunidos Pedimos","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-09 Reunidos Pedimos.mp3","id":"871"},{"title":"10 Yendo por la Ribera","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-10 Yendo por la Ribera.mp3","id":"872"},{"title":"11 Donde oh Donde Estas Dulce Nelly","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-11 Donde oh Donde Estas Dulce Nelly.mp3","id":"873"},{"title":"12 Mi Bandera es un Emblema de Honor","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-12 Mi Bandera es un Emblema de Honor.mp3","id":"874"},{"title":"13 Es Rodeando la Montana Que Vendra","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-13 Es Rodeando la Montana Que Vendra.mp3","id":"875"},{"title":"14 Ruth, Ella Es Mi Amada","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-14 Ruth, Ella Es Mi Amada.mp3","id":"876"},{"title":"15 El Circo Yo Visite","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-15 El Circo Yo Visite.mp3","id":"877"},{"title":"16 Un Regalo Sencillo","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-16 Un Regalo Sencillo.mp3","id":"878"},{"title":"17 Un Dia en la Calle","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-17 Un Dia en la Calle.mp3","id":"879"},{"title":"18 Mi Patria","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-18 Mi Patria.mp3","id":"880"},{"title":"19 Yankee Doodle-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-19 Yankee Doodle-split.mp3","id":"881"},{"title":"20 Fue en la Escuela-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-20 Fue en la Escuela-split.mp3","id":"882"},{"title":"21 Dios Marchando Esta-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-21 Dios Marchando Esta-split.mp3","id":"883"},{"title":"22 Una Bicicleta Hecha para Dos-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-22 Una Bicicleta Hecha para Dos-split.mp3","id":"884"},{"title":"23 Oh Bandera de Estrellitas-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-23 Oh Bandera de Estrellitas-split.mp3","id":"885"},{"title":"24 La Vieja Yegua Gris-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-24 La Vieja Yegua Gris-split.mp3","id":"886"},{"title":"25 Hay un Hoyo en el Fondo de la Mar-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-25 Hay un Hoyo en el Fondo de la Mar-split.mp3","id":"887"},{"title":"26 Oh Hermosa America-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-26 Oh Hermosa America-split.mp3","id":"888"},{"title":"27 Reunidos Pedimos-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-27 Reunidos Pedimos-split.mp3","id":"889"},{"title":"28 Yendo por la Ribera-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-28 Yendo por la Ribera-split.mp3","id":"890"},{"title":"29 Donde Oh Donde Estas Dulce Nelly-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-29 Donde Oh Donde Estas Dulce Nelly-split.mp3","id":"891"},{"title":"30 Mi Bandera es un Emblema de Honor-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-30 Mi Bandera es un Emblema de Honor-split.mp3","id":"892"},{"title":"31 Es Rodeando la Montana Que Vendra-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-31 Es Rodeando la Montana Que Vendra-split.mp3","id":"893"},{"title":"32 Ruth Ella Es Mi Amada-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-32 Ruth Ella Es Mi Amada-split.mp3","id":"894"},{"title":"33 El Circo Yo Visite-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-33 El Circo Yo Visite-split.mp3","id":"895"},{"title":"34 Un Regalo Sencillo-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-34 Un Regalo Sencillo-split.mp3","id":"896"},{"title":"35 Un Dia en la Calle-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-35 Un Dia en la Calle-split.mp3","id":"897"},{"title":"36 Mi Patria-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/0299-36 Mi Patria-split.mp3","id":"898"}]

    This product is only available as a digital download.

    Live-action singalong video versions of all the songs on Cantos Americanos (Spanish version of Songs of America). DVD includes English and Spanish audio and split-track versions for singalong.


    NOTE: You may purchase a physical DVD or the complete DVD as a download. The download is compressed as mp4 (H.264) for optimal playback on computers and portable devices. The download contains only the Spanish version.

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