Cantos Biblicos-DVD

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16 classic Bible songs for kids, translated into Spanish and performed in a classic kids style by the Cedarmont Kids. Lyrics and split-track versions are included for singalong. This enhanced CD includes printable activities and coloring pages in Spanish for your active child!


NOTE: You may purchase actual CDs or the complete CD as downloads. Mp3 files are compressed at 256 Kbps for optimal sound quality and convenience. Downloads of the full CD include printable .pdf files of lyrics & any other printable files normally included with the regular CD.

You may also buy single songs as mp3 downloads. These include only the mp3 file for that song, & can be added to your cart by clicking the red button for each song you wish to purchase.

  • Sample Audio
    [{"title":"01 David","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-01 David.mp3"},{"title":"02 Este es Mi Mandamiento","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-02 Este es Mi Mandamiento.mp3"},{"title":"03 Cristo Me Ama","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-03 Cristo Me Ama.mp3"},{"title":"04 Josue Peleo la Batalla de Jerico","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-04 Josue Peleo la Batalla de Jerico.mp3"},{"title":"05 Me Ama Jesus","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-05 Me Ama Jesus.mp3"},{"title":"06 Atrevete y Se Como Daniel","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-06 Atrevete y Se Como Daniel.mp3"},{"title":"07 Todos Deben de Saber","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-07 Todos Deben de Saber.mp3"},{"title":"08 Santiago Pedro y Juan en la Barca","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-08 Santiago Pedro y Juan en la Barca.mp3"},{"title":"09 Mi Dios es Tan Grande","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-09 Mi Dios es Tan Grande.mp3"},{"title":"10 La Promesa en la Biblia es Mia","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-10 La Promesa en la Biblia es Mia.mp3"},{"title":"11 De Tus Misericordias Cantare","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-11 De Tus Misericordias Cantare.mp3"},{"title":"12 La B-I-B-L-I-A","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-12 La B-I-B-L-I-A.mp3"},{"title":"13 Oro y Plata no Tengo","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-13 Oro y Plata no Tengo.mp3"},{"title":"14 Yo Brillare para El","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-14 Yo Brillare para El.mp3"},{"title":"15 He Decidido Seguir a Cristo","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-15 He Decidido Seguir a Cristo.mp3"},{"title":"16 Cual Aceite en Lampara Brille","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-16 Cual Aceite en Lampara Brille.mp3"},{"title":"17 David-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-17 David-split.mp3"},{"title":"18 Este es Mi Mandamiento-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-18 Este es Mi Mandamiento-split.mp3"},{"title":"19 Cristo Me Ama-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-19 Cristo Me Ama-split.mp3"},{"title":"20 Josue Peleo la Batalla de Jerico-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-20 Josue Peleo la Batalla de Jerico-split.mp3"},{"title":"21 Me Ama Jesus-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-21 Me Ama Jesus-split.mp3"},{"title":"22 Atrevete y Se Como Daniel-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-22 Atrevete y Se Como Daniel-split.mp3"},{"title":"23 Todos Deben de Saber-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-23 Todos Deben de Saber-split.mp3"},{"title":"24 Santiago Pedro y Juan en la Barca-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-24 Santiago Pedro y Juan en la Barca-split.mp3"},{"title":"25 Mi Dios Es Tan Grande-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-25 Mi Dios Es Tan Grande-split.mp3"},{"title":"26 La Promesa en la Biblica es Mia-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-26 La Promesa en la Biblica es Mia-split.mp3"},{"title":"27 De Tus Misericordias Cantare-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-27 De Tus Misericordias Cantare-split.mp3"},{"title":"28 La B-I-B-L-I-A - split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-28 La B-I-B-L-I-A - split.mp3"},{"title":"29 Oro y Plata No Tengo-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-29 Oro y Plata No Tengo-split.mp3"},{"title":"30 Yo Brillare Para El-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-30 Yo Brillare Para El-split.mp3"},{"title":"31 He Decidido Seguir a Cristo-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-31 He Decidido Seguir a Cristo-split.mp3"},{"title":"32 Cual Aceite en Lampara Brille-split","mp3":"https:\/\/\/store\/downloads\/4130-32 Cual Aceite en Lampara Brille-split.mp3"}]

    This product is only available as a digital download.

    Live-action singalong video versions of all the songs on Cantos Biblicosos (Spanish version of Bibles Songs). DVD includes English and Spanish audio and split-track versions for singalong.


    NOTE: You may purchase a physical DVD or the complete DVD as a download. The download is compressed as mp4 (H.264) for optimal playback on computers and portable devices. The download contains only the Spanish version.

    Due to the large size of digital DVD files, the download process may take considerable time. Please be sure the download is complete before turning off your computer.